About ASC



ASC Lift Machinery is a crane supplier based in Cary, North Carolina USA.   We incorporated our company in 2004 and since then we have steadily grown our team of professionals and business scope.   Mr. Tabor, our Managing Director, has years of cumulative experience in the global machinery industry and delivered his first crane in 1991 to a steel company in South America. Each of our team of professionals brings talent, skill and dedication to serving our global customers.

We began our business to follow Kaizen- the business philosophy of continuous improvement in processes and we work hard to keep that philosophy going, especially when it come to serving to our customers.

Current Operations:

We offer a full range of cranes for sale and many larger cranes for rent. When you check our crane categories, use the title select functions in the navigation heading to easily sort through the crane list. Please keep in mind that we are continually updating our crane offerings. If you don’t see a crane you are looking for, please let us know and we can probably offer a good value that meets your needs.

Newest Projects

For 2011, we added emphasis to large cranes so please check the Large Cranes category to see cranes of 500 tons to 1350 tons. We can help your company manage the complete project of inspecting, dissembling, transporting the crane to the new work location, re-assembly and training.

Also, in 2011 we co-developed a Rail Crane system with Zwewieg International for 160 to 300 ton all terrain cranes to travel on railways. Make sure to check our Railway Cranes section and visit our youtube channel to see the first Railway Crane being tested in Germany.